The Blacklist – Monster under my bed

The Blacklist - Monster under my bed

So after this last episode of The Blacklist I have so many more questions. I am now getting this feeling that Reddington is playing games with Lizzie.
The writers are killing me here : I don’t think she is his daughter. But…she is something to him. I feel like he is going to use her and toss her out just like her “Career Criminal” father did. Can she trust Reddington?
When he truely interacts with her , he seems sincere. However, He has proved many times he can lie , cheat, steal, do whatever it takes to get what he wants…
Dear WRITERS : Please don’t have RED screw Elizabeth over… let this be a legit connection that is sincere and pure. Maybe she can be his sidekick?
What is she to him??? Your driving me crazy!?


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