I’ll Keep your dirty Little Secret…Jolene Parker

I'll Keep your dirty Little Secret...Jolene Parker

So tomorrow is the 15th episode of The Blacklist. Red is going to find out a HUGE secret tomorrow… and so will we… I hope.
Jolene Parker…innocent substitute teacher? I think NOT… she is seductive and tempting in every way and Tom Keen is her next victim .
Now nothing is ever easy with the Blacklist, so you know there are reasons behind her actions. Unfortunately we don’t know that yet.
Here is my 2 cents on it, and it might be WAY off but I like to give my input on it anyways.
She is working for someone who wants Red or wants to reunion everything RED has. OR maybe she is there to reunion Tom ? She is what we refer to as a HOMEWRECKER.
I believe Liz finds out some important news too…not her parents….but something to do with Tom and how maybe he does have other motives for her. Maybe RED is there to protect her in the long run…we will see.
I am very impatient and I want tomorrow’s episode to get here NOW


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