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My insight with Jolene Parker

Jolene Parker – my tid bits on her.

 Who is she ? A substitute teacher according to the show as of right now, however she has a history somewhere with  Red. NO I don’t think she is his daughter. She might be the daughter of another blacklister that is familiar with Red , and wants RED out of their business. I do not think she holds a blood relation with RED. 

 How does that fit into everyone’s life. WELL… Since Red has taken a lot of interest in Liz, then someone has also caught on to this. They aren’t just interested in Liz , they are interested in everything in Red’s life. In the preview it shows multiple people in Reds life. Luli,Dembe, Liz, Tom, who knows who else…. clearly this is a shot out to RED. They have caught onto RED needing something from Liz,since Liz is of a great interest to him , then they are making Liz’s life an interest to them …. so Let’s send JOLENE ! She can get in there innocently and interfere with Liz and Tom. She can maybe interfere and get a hold of LIZ too…or does Liz’s life hold a bigger secret that even Liz doesn’t know about yet. . . SO MANY QUESTIONS